Whether you’re hoping to maximise space with a streamlined design or simply looking for a fresh new style, a modern kitchen makes a fantastic choice. While many of our clients love the clean, pared-back look our contemporary collection offers, we appreciate minimalism isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re after something a little more characterful, don’t be tempted to rule out a modern design just yet. There are plenty of ways to bring a touch of warmth and personality to an elegant contemporary kitchen. Below are some of our favourite design tips to help you create a modern interior that’s brimming with character.


Display Some Of Your Favourite Ornaments & Crockery

While most of us strive to minimise clutter as much as possible, keeping a few choice ornaments on display is a fantastic way to communicate your personality. The easiest way to make space for cookbooks, artworks, crockery and more is to install a simple shelf.

Even a small shelf should give you enough room to play around with a few different arrangements. Selecting pieces of varying heights will create greater visual interest. Furthermore, opting for an open shelf rather than overhead cabinetry can even make your kitchen feel more spacious.

We also love the utensil rail featured in the kitchen below. Giving a subtle nod to the country kitchen, it adds a charming quality to this sophisticated neutral modern interior.



Another great option is to integrate shelving into an island. Lower shelves are ideal for storing heavier cookbooks and bulky items. The contrasting walnut finish on the corner of this island creates a stylish design feature.



Alternatively, consider introducing an alcove to your overhead units for a more streamlined look. Pair with a vibrant finish and built-in lighting to make your display pop. Houseplants or potted herbs bring a lovely contrast to a clean-lined modern kitchen.



Introduce Inspiring Colours & Textures

Nothing communicates your personality quite like your choice of colour. And when it comes to transforming the atmosphere of your space, colour offers amazing potential. If you’re not keen on enveloping your whole room in a bright hue, consider adding an accent tone to your cabinetry or walls. Introducing your chosen colour below the eye-line, for example, on an island, will have a more subtle impact. The burnt orange overhead units featured below bring bold yet sophisticated vibrancy to the space.



Adding a splash of colour isn’t the only way to bring homely character to a modern kitchen. The beautiful grain and warm undertones presented by a natural wood finish can also help soften a clean, contemporary interior. There are plenty of opportunities to include wood in your kitchen design. Consider opting for wood veneer cabinets or wood flooring, or add subtle warmth with wood bar stools, shelves or niches.



For something altogether different yet equally striking, an exposed brick feature wall makes a stunning choice. Whether you’re looking to establish an urban feel or a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, a gorgeous textural brick wall provides a chic yet characterful backdrop. The pop of green on the island below makes for a stylish, quirky touch.



Opt For A Statement Splashback

We often tend to view splashbacks from a practical standpoint. However, a statement splashback can act as a brilliant focal point, tying your whole design together. A metallic or mirrored splashback will bring a luxurious edge to your interior. Pair with beautifully curated shelves to create an elegant design feature.



Intricately patterned decorative tiles also make a lovely choice. With so many unique motifs and colours available, a beautiful tile splashback can bring a whole new dimension to your design.



Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Lighting

Another easily overlooked aspect of kitchen design is lighting. As well as ensuring you have the visibility required to prepare food safely, lighting can help establish a cosy and inviting ambience. Whether you’re entertaining of an evening or rustling up a hearty meal on a dreary winter day, a beautiful, glowing lighting scheme can bring real warmth to your space. The lighting surrounding the shelf in the kitchen below accentuates the stylish display while creating a lovely background glow.



It’s not just the light itself that can add character to your kitchen. With hundreds of individual designs to choose from, stylish pendant lights or wall lights can add a quirky detail to your interior. For more kitchen lighting ideas, please click here to read our dedicated blog.



Add Stylish Seating

Soft furnishings are ideal for introducing colour, texture and pattern to an interior design. However, the kitchen isn’t exactly the ideal place to start adding cushions and throws. That being said, if you are including a seating area such as an island or dining table, you should make the most of the opportunity to choose stylish seating that compliments your scheme. From plush velvet bar stools to farmhouse-inspired wooden chairs, you’ll find hundreds of different designs to choose from.



Modern kitchens are incredibly versatile. From eye-catching splashbacks to charming wood worktops, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to customise your design to suit your tastes. We hope our article provides you with some great inspiration. However, if you’d like more advice, our expert designers would be happy to discuss your ideas. You can call our showroom on 01297 692250 or email us at info@pbhomesolutions.co.uk.