At PB Home Solutions, being part of our local community genuinely means a lot to us and our wonderful friendly team. We take great pride in bringing excellent quality, stylish, long-lasting kitchens to our East Devon clients and always go above and beyond to find the perfect solution with every project we undertake. Having worked in the kitchen industry for many years before opening the doors of PB Home Solutions, we’ve been determined to seek out the products that we feel best represent outstanding craftsmanship, superb functionality, beautiful looks and fantastic value. Our years of research and testing led us to settle on Masterclass Kitchens and their brilliant designs.

Who are Masterclass?

Masterclass Kitchens are an award-winning British family-run kitchen manufacturer. They have been producing exceptional British-made kitchens since 1975, and the outstanding quality and innovation behind their products have earned them a superb reputation throughout the industry. Their stunning kitchens have even been featured in some of the most renowned interior design magazines including Grand Designs Magazine, Country Living, Ideal Home and House Beautiful. We believe Masterclass’s exemplary reputation is undeniably well-deserved and we are delighted to bring their fantastic products to our East Devon clients.

Outstanding Quality Products

One of the number one reasons we choose to work with Masterclass is the exceptional quality of their products. It’s not every day you redesign your kitchen and so when you do decide to update your space it’s absolutely crucial that your new interior stands the test of time. As well as looking beautiful, your kitchen must contend with a whole range of demands including heat, humidity, spills and splashes as well as scratches and abrasions. Made using state-of-the-art Austrian components which include a lifetime guarantee, the quality of Masterclass’s precision-engineered kitchens imparts each design with immaculate looks as well as remarkable durability.

Dark Blue Handleless Kitchen east devon

Gorgeous Styles To Make Your Own

Coming in at a close second to their impressive quality are their stunning good looks. At their heart, Masterclass seems to genuinely understand what real-life customers are looking for in a kitchen. Taking inspiration from classic styles as well as looking to the latest in kitchen trends and fashions, Masterclass has developed a timeless range of elegant designs that appeal to every taste.

Representing unrivalled choice, you can also include a wonderful variety of design features in your new kitchen such as a freestanding island or modern in-frame system. From the most striking contemporary handleless designs to traditional and charming shaker kitchens, Masterclass’s collections offer the potential to truly capture the essence of your East Devon home.

Gorgeous Masterclass Kitchen


Amazing Kitchen Storage Options

When it comes to designing practical and stylish kitchens, Masterclass has thought of everything. Their impressive range of storage solutions is almost broad enough to rival their exhaustive variety of kitchen styles. Pantry cupboards make a superbly efficient and practical use of space, providing a one-stop shop for all your cooking ingredients. Alternatively, you can even create a luxurious drinks cupboard with Masterclass’s beautiful, mirrored cocktail cabinet. Wide drawers and pull-out larders provide effortless accessibility, allowing you to store everything from heavy pots and pans to jars and bottles with ease. Whether you require intelligent space-saving solutions or a more stylish design for displaying your favourite crockery, Masterclass’s innovative kitchens make a brilliant choice.


A Bespoke Design Brought To You By Our Experts

Even the most exceptional products won’t pass muster if the layout and design of your kitchen aren’t up to scratch. A fantastic kitchen design will transform your space, establishing great practicality as well as taking into consideration the look and feel of your home. At PB Home Solutions, our years of experience designing and installing East Devon kitchens means we know exactly what it takes to achieve the most from your space.

From the dimensions of your room to your individual lifestyle, your perfect kitchen is completely unique to you and your home and that’s why we take the time to get to know you, to understand your practical needs and taste before crafting your personal bespoke design. Our attention to detail and expertise ensures every tailormade design we create delivers a wonderfully practical and stylish interior.

Traditional Masterclass Kitchen


Installed By Our Trusted Team

In the same way that the design of your kitchen really makes the space, a flawless installation will ensure your new interior lives up to expectations. At PB Home Solutions, our team is like family to us, and we trust our tradesmen and fitters to uphold our exacting standards completely. Our trained and highly skilled kitchen installation specialists will complete your project with exceptional precision, guaranteeing the durability and longevity of your interior as well as its immaculate and luxurious style.



The skill and expertise of our trusted team combined with Masterclass’s outstanding quality stylish products ensure every bespoke kitchen we create is truly fantastic. At PB Home Solutions our dedication to our wonderful clients has earned us an outstanding reputation which we continue to strive to uphold. If you’d like to find out more about our stunning bespoke Masterclass kitchens, then give our friendly team a call on 01297 692250 or email us at