Available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles, kitchen islands are now one of the most sought-after features in the majority of bespoke East Devon kitchens we design. The kitchen hasn’t always been the heart of the home, and it’s during this recent transition that kitchen islands have really taken off. Though they can offer a wonderful range of practical and stylistic benefits, you might still be wondering if a kitchen island is right for you. While they offer the fantastic potential to elevate your layout and create a great social hub, kitchen islands aren’t the only solution to achieving a beautiful and highly functional interior. To help you learn more about the pros and cons of a kitchen island and how to go about including one in your space, we’ve put together this comprehensive blog.


Why Are Freestanding Kitchen Islands So Popular?

A freestanding kitchen island presents unrivalled design versatility. When successfully integrated into your kitchen, an island can transform the practicality of your space, establishing a galley-style layout whereby your island provides the additional worktop and storage space needed for your design to function efficiently. A kitchen island can even offer the ideal place to feature essential appliances like your hob or sink.

As well as enhancing the functionality of your kitchen in terms of cooking and food prep, a kitchen island can make a fantastic addition when sharing your space with friends and family. From dining islands to breakfast bars, an island creates a wonderful focal point around which guests can gather to chat with their host without interrupting preparations.

While kitchen islands have no doubt arisen on a form follows function basis, their distinctive presence offers the opportunity to create a beautiful and dramatic design feature that these days is synonymous with the most elegant and stylish interiors. Boasting stunning looks and fantastic practical benefits, there are undeniably a plethora of reasons why freestanding kitchen islands are so popular.


Is A Kitchen Island Right For You?

Every kitchen is unique, both literally in terms of dimensions and theoretically in relation to your lifestyle and the needs of your family. And in some cases, a kitchen island might not be the best solution for your space. In a smaller kitchen, an island can dominate the room, blocking your workflow as well as visually overpowering the design. Likewise, an island that’s too small can be inconvenient to use, making it more of a hindrance than a help.

In a busy family kitchen, islands can often attract clutter. If you struggle with staying on top of the school reports, newsletters and phone chargers that tend to pile up, then you might find an island becomes a bit of a burden. Furthermore, moving services such as gas, water or electrics to accommodate appliances can significantly add to the cost of your project. You may need to weigh up whether the money would give better value if invested elsewhere in your home.

Kitchen islands can be a great place to gather for sophisticated drinks and nibbles. However, when it comes to sitting down for a three-course meal or a family supper, bar stool seating isn’t really appropriate. If you’re not desperate for extra storage, then an affordable and rather charming kitchen table could be the better option.

Ultimately, whether a kitchen island is right for you depends on your space and your individual needs. We recommend talking over your ideas with a professional and experienced kitchen designer to make sure you get the most from your space.


Kitchen Island Inspiration

A kitchen island can be a stylish and practical addition to your space. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to design an island that works for you, we’ve got some great tips and ideas…

Make A Stylish Statement

Choosing a luxurious contrasting accent colour for your kitchen island is a great way to elevate your design and add character to your space while drawing attention to the gorgeous feature. Positioning stylish pendant lights above your island will also make a beautiful statement, enhancing your overall design and completing the look of your interior.


Include Appliances

Including appliances on your kitchen island can make it much easier to achieve a practical work triangle. State-of-the-art downdraft venting hobs are ideal for this purpose. Alternatively, introducing an additional prep sink or positioning your main sink on your island can enhance your layout as well as looking stunning. Make sure you include plug sockets for smaller appliances or charging devices. You can find out more about choosing the latest kitchen appliances by clicking here to read our dedicated blog.

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Introduce Seating For Family & Friends

A kitchen island can cleverly help to zone an open-plan living area, differentiating your kitchen from the rest of your space and establishing a boundary that comes in handy when entertaining and hosting guests. A breakfast bar with seating can effortlessly encourage friends and family to relax and socialise while you wow them with your cooking.


Find A Style That Suits You

From fabulous dining islands to rustic butcher’s blocks, there are plenty of different styles, shapes and sizes of islands available to suit you and your unique space. If you’d like to introduce an extra surface for food prep without overwhelming your interior, then a simple open-base freestanding island could be a perfect choice. For more ideas and inspiration on the types of kitchen islands available, please click here to browse our gallery.

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It’s important to make sure that the kitchen island you choose is right for your space. If you’d like help bringing your perfect new kitchen to life or if you’d like more advice on including an island in your design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly expert team. You can call us on 01297 692250 or email us at info@pbhomesolutions.co.uk, or pop into our wonderful Seaton design studio in the heart of East Devon.