Characterful And Elegant Traditional Bathroom

Ottery Saint Mary, East Devon


This elegantly designed bathroom seamlessly blends the allure of traditional aesthetics with the functionality of modern living. At its heart lies a majestic freestanding bathtub with classic claw feet, promising a luxurious experience, accentuated by a striking Victorian-style bath shower mixer tap. This centrepiece invites you to a peaceful retreat, enriched by vintage-patterned floor tiles, which infuses the space with sophistication.

Functionality in this bathroom is as pronounced as its elegance. A spacious, shaker-style vanity cabinet, charmingly finished with cup handles and painted in a deep navy hue, offers abundant storage while keeping necessities conveniently accessible. Complementing the cabinet, a chic, illuminated mirror above bathes the space in a flattering light, easing daily grooming rituals. This mirror, echoing the vanity's navy blue, harmoniously ties the room together. The vanity features a dual sink setup, crafted from pristine composite stone and elegantly contrasting with the porcelain elements on the taps, catering to both 'his' and 'her' needs.

The room's lower walls are adorned with white panelling, contributing to a sense of spaciousness and adding layers of depth. Above, a calming grey wall paint offers a contemporary contrast while respecting the classic charm of the space. Every detail, from the lively chrome finishes to the strategically placed lighting around the mirror, has been meticulously chosen to transform this bathroom from a mere functional space into a personal sanctuary within the home.

"Our clients in Ottery were delighted with the characterful details in this traditional bathroom and were thrilled with the combination of modern amenities and a classic aesthetic."


Damian, Designer



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