Contemporary Vintage Shower Room

Ottery Saint Mary, East Devon


The shower room exudes a crisp, sophisticated elegance, its design striking a balance between classic charm and contemporary sleekness. The walk-in shower, enclosed by transparent glass, serves as the centrepiece of the space. It features a large overhead rain shower head, promising an immersive, spa-like experience. Adjacent to the glass enclosure, a traditional Victorian handheld shower head adds a touch of historic luxury and practical versatility.


The layout is thoughtfully organised for ease of movement and functionality. The shower area is strategically positioned by our design team to maximise space, while the classic white radiator provides warmth and comfort, enhancing the inviting ambience. The floor is adorned with ornate, vintage-style tiles, offering a contrast of patterns that ground the room with an artisan touch. These eye-catching tiles infuse the room with character, their intricate patterns standing out against the neutral hues and sleek tiling that adorn the rest of the space. The vintage tiles grace the shower niche echo this motif, harmoniously unifying the design elements.


The soft recessed ceiling lights add another layer of brightness, ensuring the space is well-lit at any time of day. A wall-mounted, shaker-style navy blue vanity unit with a white porcelain basin injects a bold splash of colour into the otherwise neutral palette. This vanity, equipped with classic taps, mirrors the room's fusion of old and new. The practical elements are just as impressive as the aesthetic ones. The vanity offers storage space, keeping essentials tucked away, while its surface provides ample room for toiletries. Overall, this shower room is a testament to tasteful design, where every element is chosen not just for its beauty but also for its contribution to the room's overall harmony and practical use.

"Our clients were thrilled with the result of this vintage-inspired shower room, where modern luxury is melded with traditional style to create a truly, unique interior."


Paul, Designer



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