Timeless And Cosy Fitted Bedroom

Ottery Saint Mary, East Devon


The bedroom presents a serene retreat that combines modern minimalism with functional design. The space is anchored by substantial built-in wardrobes, which span an entire wall. Its crisp white doors are accented with sleek, black pull handles, offering a contemporary edge to the otherwise classic design. The wardrobe's design is the epitome of form meeting function—its pleasing aesthetics are matched by its exceptional practicality. Offering abundant storage options, the expansive wardrobe, comprehensive drawers, and skilfully integrated cabinetry ensure that every inch is effectively utilised, maintaining an environment that is both organised and peaceful. This thoughtful use of space creates a clutter-free and serene atmosphere.

Opposite the fitted wardrobes, the room is dominated by a comfortably sized bed, highlighting the room's understated elegance. The bed is flanked by matching bedside tables, each bearing the essentials for a restful night. The neutral grey finish and hardware on the bedside tables align with the fitted wardrobes, uniting the space together.

This room design is thoughtful, with every piece carefully chosen to serve function and form. It's a space that feels open and cosy, modern yet timeless, proving that simplicity can indeed be the ultimate sophistication. This bedroom is a testament to the idea that practical elements, when well-designed, can contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic of a space.

"Our clients were delighted with our fitted wardrobes here and how we enhanced their bedroom interior. Our design team made the most of every inch of space to create a serene and relaxing bedroom retreat."


Paul, Designer



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