Light & Airy In-Frame Kitchen Brimming With Traditional Charm

Axminster, East Devon


With gorgeous solid oak beams and thick stone walls, this beautiful Axminster home undeniably needed an equally beautiful and charming kitchen. Our Cotswold framed solid wood range made a perfect choice. The in-frame design with exposed hinges and intricate beaded detailing exudes character and charm. This kitchen demonstrates impressive traditional craftsmanship. Even the hinges feature lovely little finials at each end.

Our client had already decided on a fresh yet elegant pale blue painted finish. We suggested introducing this delightful colour to the base cabinets while opting for white on the overhead units to keep the space as bright and open as possible. Due to the low ceiling and small window, this kitchen could easily feel dark and cramped. Fitting shelves on the back wall rather than continuing the wall units all the way around also ensures the space feels open and inviting.

The Rangemaster induction cooker in Regal Blue beautifully complements the pale blue furniture. It makes a truly stunning focal point, immediately bringing that luxurious yet homely country cottage feel to the design. A gorgeous mantle composed of a simple shelf, beautiful countertop cupboards, elaborate beaded pillars and a stunning tiled splashback accentuate the cooker’s magnificent presence. A combination of exquisitely crafted furniture, fresh colours and wood accents set the perfect tone to this classic Axminster kitchen.

“This kitchen really is one of a kind. We went above and beyond to ensure every detail was spot on, even down to the intricately carved edge profile on the worktop.” 


Paul, Designer



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